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Nail Clippers

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Cheap Nail Clippers UK

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  • Small Black Flat Mouth Nail Clippers Clearance

    Regular Price: £1.18

    Special Price £0.42

  • Pink Round Nail Clippers Baby Nail Clippers

    Regular Price: £1.27

    Special Price £0.70

  • Blue Round Nail Clippers Baby Nail Clippers

    Regular Price: £1.27

    Special Price £0.70

  • Black 8 Piece Clipper Hygeine Set

    Items are usually one piece unless stated otherwise.
    Price should reflect quantity. Use reasonable judgement so we can meet your expectations.
    We are the only store selling items at such low prices to help you enjoy life at all times.

    We love a deal.

    Regular Price: £4.00

    Special Price £2.20


    Emergency Masks for Covid19. Please read ALL below:

    • We know stock is running low in the UK, we are getting in an Emergency shipment of n95 masks. We do not usually sell these products. Our stock is directly from china and does not affect any UK stocks, these are bought privately. 
    • We shipped these over by air, they are now in stock, however unfortunately further n95 masks cannot be imported due to an export ban from china, so these are the last of the stock. 
    • The N95 Mask is the recommended mask to use at a reasonable price point to reduce your chances of inhaling the Virus, it also reduces chances of you giving it to family members or anyone else. You have other respirators like ffp3 masks but these start to become very expensive, N95 masks are cheap and reusable for the duration of the next few months. You should however have a supply and if you feel you have been around someone with it, use another mask, and do not touch the exterior of that mask, lightly spray the exterior with bleach and water to reduce the risk. 

    Regular Price: £15.00

    Special Price £3.44