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Discount Store Online UK | We LOVE a Deal

The largest Discount Store Online with UK based NEXT DAY delivery!


Speedy Artificial Intelligence!

Our Brand new state of the art, artificial intelligence system lets us pick your items in 15 seconds, we are now incredibly fast, efficient and ready to create the greatest discount store the UK has ever seen. With UK based next day and 48 hour delivery with Royal Mail, we’re bringing the most exciting store to every corner of our United Kingdom.

UK Delivery in 1-2 days!

With Royal Mail, you can trust them to get your products to you using the best technology and logistics. We ship all orders out on the same day you placed the order (before 12pm GMT mon-friday). So you can get your deliveries Next day or 2 days! We also have super low rates, and FREE international shipping to selected regions.

Never out of pocket!

We've created a new state of the art system...if any of your items are ever out of stock, we refund it immediately to your payment method. We also immediately refund part of your delivery so you're never out of pocket! Talk about peace of mind! No one else does this except for us!


Zadeel.com is a new discount department store. We aim to get high quality products and sell them at amazingly low prices. We are able to do this by working directly with factories, so you get direct wholesale prices. We will be growing our range of products over time and this is just the start. We have hundreds of happy customers and thousands along our other businesses.

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We're continuously improving!

We want to keep our prices incredibly low so you can get amazing bargains and enjoy life, even when the world is raising the prices on everything! We now even have a system that automatically refunds you if an item is out of stock, it removes it from the website, and even refunds part of your delivery! We're focused on getting you great bargains you can feel great about!

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Zadeel is the Cheapest & Best Online Discount Store that's ACTUALLY based in the UK ❤️50% SALE❤️ ✅Items below £1 ✅Free Delivery, Next Day & items from ONLY 5p!
Zadeel is the Cheapest UK Online Discount Store with thousands of items at bargain prices. We are the best shopping destination for discounts and rank the cheapest amongst all the online discount sites and the cheapest stores in the UK. We have bargain prices in every category and provide FREE delivery so you can get your home bargains at your door without any extra cost.
Our UK Hot Deals are the biggest discounts and if you like cheap stuff, we definitely have the cheapest online shopping. We have scoured many websites online and have found our prices to be the absolute cheapest, even amongst discount shopping sites and high street discount retailers, and none compete on our free shipping. Give us a try and we're sure you'll love our low price shop and become your regular budget store to buy from.