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Assalamualaikum!!! We give you FREE hijabs & Gifts! That's Right!!! 

We reward your loyalty to our store, everytime you purchase, you earn points.

How it works:

1. Buy from us
2. For every £1 spent, you get 1 point
3. Once you reach 50 points, we will send you a free hijab or a free gift, of your choice!!!

We hope that you stay loyal, and what's more, when you buy from us, we support the heart hijabs campaign, helping to do dawah through hijab and letting people know the importance of hijab! We give a lot of time and effort to this campaign too. So help us out by buying from us, we are also involved in other campaigns and helping Muslims get through hard times without charging them for ruqya where some are affected by black magic/sihr. If you know people who are affected by such, we are always happy to help too. We take no fee, this is solely for the sake of Allah swt.