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FAQ / frequently asked questions

  • When will my order arrive? 
    We ship same day or next, unless we have a legitimate reason and our situation hasn't enabled us to do this. This means if you are in the UK it should be 3-5 days. Before you contact us please wait a little longer, at times it has been sent but Royal Mail can be slow ie. around Christmas time. Sometimes some customers have messaged saying they haven't received their package then found the postman has put the package outside or in/around the home/ garden. If you have done all this, and still not found it, then please double check the details you have given us are correct- your address. If you see a red card from Royal Mail, this means you weren't home when they tried to deliver, so you need to pick your package from the post office collection point listed on the card. If you are an international customer, it usually takes a month or slightly longer, so please be patient. All packages are always sent, and any problems are always from the above mentioned, so please do take care and take notice of the details mentioned. Very rarely do packages get lost with Royal Mail. PLEASE PAY FOR TRACKING IF YOU WANT YOUR PACKAGE TRACED, this ensure you know where it is and when it will arrive exactly. ALL ORDERS HAVE A RETURN LABEL ON THEM, SO SHOULD RETURN TO US, if it wasn't picked up at the post office or was a wrong non-existent address. If this is the case, and you want it resent, if you received free shipping, you will need to pay for the postage of the next time we resent it out. 

  •  Some of my hijabs are missing!

    Please read the slip and notes we issue with each package. If we have written there is a hijab out of stock, don't worry! we take note of your name and which hijab it is and it's worth and create a list of any refunds. You will get your money back via paypal, so check your paypal or emails. It can take up to 5-7 days for refunds to show up. If there is a genuine mistake, please let us know! This has never happened before so rest assure, but if it does, mistakes can happen! and we will definitely see to it! you will NEVER lose money! 

  •  Royal Mail card asking to pay postage? 

    Please don't worry. In case this ever happens, let me explain. The post office can sometimes weigh things a little under, then they tell us to pay for that weight. Royal mail then weigh the package after and can find there was a slight error and the package weighs more, so they issue a note saying to pay the difference (usually a few pence) to complete the postage. If this ever happens, no worries! we can even refund the amount you paid, so you never lose a pence! Just let us know. 

  • What material are your hijabs made out of? and do they offer enough coverage? 

    We have jersey hijabs, and the rest are made of Viscose, it is a light breathable material. All our hijabs are great in length! They are maxi and ensure complete coverage! They can be folded and wrapped around nicely. I myself wear our hijabs and love the modesty they provide. 

  • I made a mistake! 

    Just email us with the mistake and how you would like to correct it, this is usually with addresses or hijab choices. 

  • How much is P+P ? 

    if you have ordered from the UK and is over £15. We offer free international shipping but with rates stated here: http://www.hearthijab.com/delivery
    If your order is not over £15, or you are an international customer who hasn't reached the rate we provide free shipping for, I cannot say how much postage is as I won't know the amount of hijabs you have ordered. What I can say is, it is automatically set according to the amount of hijabs you have ordered X the weight of each hijab according to Royal Mail. If you want to lower the price total, the postage will be calculated and shown before you check out, so you can just go back and take a few out your basket and see what the total comes up to. A typical UK order consisting of a few hijabs but not over £15 will come up to £2.60 usually. 

  • Do you ship internationally? 

    Yes! worldwide. It takes a month or so to arrive though. Please pay for tracking, as this is the best option to trace where it is, and when your package will arrive.  

  • Do you have a shop we can visit?

    Sorry! not at the moment, we're just online! 

  • Can I return a hijab or two? 

    Sure, check our http://www.hearthijab.com/refunds section! and here for our address: http://www.hearthijab.com/contactus .

  • How can I stay updated on your hijabs and online store?

    We are very active on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HeartHijab#  
    But we also have a twitter, instagram, youtube, pinterest and lots more accounts, follow us or check them out at the end of our homepage. Scroll all the way down and you'll see the icons there! Just click on them! 

  • I can't order! It isn't working for me? 

    Facebook message us, or email us via our contact page, we will see to your problem right away. You can even use the chat on the toolbar on our website at the bottom 'live chat' . If we are not online you can call us or we will get an email with the chat you wrote, and will reply asap. 

  • Do I need paypal to order? 

    No! You can just enter your card details on paypal where it says 'don't have a paypal account?' 

  • Do your cheap prices mean less quality? or a 'fake' business? 

    We are 100% REAL. You can call us, email us, we will always be there. You can see all our reviews from real customers, you can even contact them on Facebook and ask! alhamdulillah you will always receive a positive answer. 
    Our hijabs as many customers would say, are 'unbelievable quality for such a low price'. We sell the SAME hijabs all the other online stores and shops sell, we just place them wayyy cheaper. We want to get a lot of ajr, plus lots of happy returning customers. We value volume rather than profit per sale, that's why we sell near wholesale prices. So, make sure you tell your friends about us to support our low prices! 

    If there is still a question you have that is unanswered here, please contact us, jazakullah khair! : 
    http://www.hearthijab.com/contactus .