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Fresh Attacks on Niqab

Once again, as MP's refuse to keep there grubby hands of Islam and personal relgious freedoms, they have been discussing controlling the beliefs of many muslims once again, looking to follow the steps of sarzokzy, with the french niqab ban, and eventually leading to a hijab ban, resembling disturbing signs of a dictating Nazi State with the vision of an aryan race.

Jeremy Browne, home office minister has called for fresh discussion on banning the niqab in public places, citing also that, those of school age should not have to be forced to wear the niqab, forgetting, once again, that many CHOOSE to wear it, as a personal and religious choice. Harami shaytani Browne has completely overlooked how young children are being sexualised, and forced to wear mini skirts, and dictated to wearing these immoral items on a national scale, through media and indoctrination through schools.

Interfering with the parenting rights of millions of Muslims in the UK is also completely off bounds for any government, again, they are attempting to slowly chip away at the religious beliefs of millions of Muslims, starting with niqab, working towards hijab, and then watering down the religion, painting daily prayers as extremism and finally stripping us of our religion, and only looking at ourselves as Muslim by name, and still being the butt of British society.

Government. Leave us alone.